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Case 7 Book of Equanimity. Master Yakusan Ascends the Rostrum, Part 2 of 2

August 6, 2015

Episode Description: This talk continues with Case 7, “Yakusan Ascends the Rostrum,” exploring Yakusan’s own process of transformation. It begins by reflecting on how revolutionary Zen practice is — an overturning of how we think things are. Yakusan offers a great example of how to proceed in this revolution: “Sit down and be silent.” Henry discusses how Zen lacks an object to venerate, unlike theistic religions with their deities. For Yakusan, the object of veneration is the sitting itself; and that sitting is also the veneration. In Zen, there is a process to go through rather than some-thing to find. Henry emphasizes that Zen is “neither this nor that;” rather, it is a precise “cutting though of self and world.”

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Post Image Credit: Meditation by Frank Winkler, CC0 Public Domain.
Featured Image Credit: Zen Stone Garden, by t_s_l, CCO Public Domain

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