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Henry Shukman on The Tim Ferris Show

September 20, 2021

Henry Shukman talks with host Tim Ferriss about Zen tools for awakening, Ayahuasca vs meditation, koans, and using our wounds as a doorway to practice and enlightenment.This is great conversation between two gifted communicators. Tim asks Henry probing questions which Henry answers with humor, humility and honesty. Not to be missed!

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Show quotes from Henry…

There’s something about deep wounding that can be a pathway to deep, deep love. It’s a very beautiful thing when the wound becomes the doorway. I think there’s always that potential with a wound, but so much of the time we tend to accrete protection over a wound and sort of stay away from a wound and avoid it and live as if it weren’t there.

All space had disappeared. There was no distance anywhere. I felt like my nose was pressing against the end of time. My nose was touching the furthest reaches of the universe because it was all just here. It was one reality without space, without time.

I knew that I had found the answer, but I hadn’t even been asking a question.

Click here to listen.
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