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Summer Sesshin Part 1 of 4: Four Marks of Zen, How to Practice and the Koan Mu

September 24, 2015

Episode Description: In this first teisho of the summer 2015 sesshin, Henry explores the four traditional marks of Zen which result in discovering innate buddhahood.  Using warm encouragement and anecdotes from his personal history, Henry, reminds us that sesshin is challenging and discusses how we can best attend to our practice. Henry tells a story from the sutras about a hawk, a quail and a clod of earth which becomes a metaphor for our natural home in present-moment awareness. He also briefly explores the primary Koan Mu which may tend to be viewed as a puzzle to be solved—but which in fact is  never “solved,” but rather can carry us to an incredible peace beyond all reckoning.


Post Image Credit: By Pink Sherbet Photography, Via Photopin, CC BY 2.0 
Featured Image Credit:  Deep Meditation, by Hartwig HKD, CC BY-ND 2.0.

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