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Summer Sesshin Part 4 of 4: Everlasting Practice

October 15, 2015

Episode Description: In this final talk of the 2015 summer sesshin Henry clarifies what has been explored during the week. He recites the opening couplets of the Shinjinmei, Verses of the Faith Mind, and discusses both Mumon’s and Dogen’s awakenings (who were alive at the same time and came somewhat close to meeting).  We hear a story about the Pang family of lay practitioners, who all became enlightened masters during the Chinese Tang period. The talk explores how our opinions, our likes and dislikes, are our primary hindrances, and draws modern physics into the discussion, before returning to the source of our practice, Shakyamuni Buddha, and his seeing through life, death and himself, thus resolving the “ultimate matter,” and opening up the Buddhist tradition of practice. The talk closes with encouragement for constant and everlasting practice.


Post Image Credit: On the Path, by Hartwig HKD, CC BY-ND 2.0.
Featured Image Credit:  Deep Meditation, by Hartwig HKD, CC BY-ND 2.0.

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