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Updates from Japan and Why we practice Zen

September 10, 2015

Episode Description: Henry talks about his trip to Japan in May and its exciting and relevant connection to Mountain Cloud’s history and future.  Henry went to Japan with a film crew making a documentary about Sanbo Zen. His visit also included meetings with Ryoun Roshi, Sanbo Zen Abbot, and discussion about Mountain Cloud’s particular role in delivering Zen’s teachings to the United States. In addition to describing his travels, Henry digs into the dharma by connecting Zen teachings from an essay by Harada Roshi (Great Cloud) with an ancient Latin text written by Lucretius. Listen as Henry explores how Zen training offers the fulfillment of human potential and, ultimately, resolves the matter of life and death.

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Post & Featured Image Credit: Courtesy Chris Hebard (Documentary Producer).

Post image (above) is the San’un Zendo in Kamakura, founded in 1960 by Yasutani Haku’un (White Cloud) Roshi and Yamada Koun (Cultivating Cloud) Roshi and the Featured image (thumbnail in summary list view of episodes/posts) is the Engakuji in Kamakura – a temple where Yamada Koun used to come on his bicycle at 5am each morning to sit and have dokusan, before catching the train to work in Tokyo.

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