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Introductory Talk #3: Why Meditate? (Part 2)

December 2, 2017

“… our existence where nothing is separate from anything else …”

we are interconnected universe

Description: This talk explores why it’s worth practicing meditation, in a broader context. Henry points to four main areas of human healing and exploration where mindfulness meditation, or present moment awareness practices, have great benefit. The first area is personal psychology. Over time, as we practice, the things that trigger us and stir up our individual psychology, i.e, our neuroses or internal challenges, tend to lessen. We can grow calmer and more stable and attentive. The second area is depth psychology. This refers to a deeper connection to the spiritual realm of existence or to a deeper part of our psyche, as in the realm of shamanism or dreamwork. The third area is the study and dismantling of the sense of “me.” Practice can lead to a liberative experience of reality where there is no sense of “me.” The entity that we think of as “me” can disappear. The fourth area is discovering that all existence is a projection. Our life, our friends and family, the world and everything in it, is a projection. This is where Zen shines because it really knows this direct experience of reality. We can discover that there is a level of our existence where nothing is separate from anything else.

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