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Life is worth living … full flow! {VIDEO}

June 11, 2015

“…life, …  for all it’s bruises and false starts, it’s blind alleys and reversals, it’s failures, … is worth living … full flow …”

This YouTube video, below, is being posted in lieu of this week’s podcast episode. Regular weekly (every Thursday) publishing of podcast episodes will recommence with the next episode on Jun 18th.

Bill Broyles, who is not a meditator but a friend of Henry’s and supporter of Mountain Cloud, grew up in a refinery town in Texas, the son of an oil worker, was drafted to Vietnam in the Marines, won a scholarship to Oxford, founded a magazine, wrote the movie Apollo 13, and now lives nearby in Santa Fe with his wife and kids. While not a Zen practitioner he has clearly learned much of what the Dharma has to teach — about life, love and the pursuit of true happiness. Here is his remarkable speech (16 minutes long) on failure, delivered recently at a High School commencement.

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