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Rio Grande Mindfulness Institute: Living from Happiness Interview with Henry Shukman and John Braman

October 28, 2016

pebbles-1031167_1280Listen to Melanie Harth’s recent interview with Henry Shukman and John Braman for her weekly radio program Living from Happiness broadcast on KSFR, 101.5 FM.

Melanie, Henry and John have a wide ranging discussion about Zen, Mountain Cloud and the new Rio Grande Mindfulness Institute (RGMI) which supports public and private school teachers with mindfulness practice in northern New Mexico and beyond.

Click here to listen.

14330057_1787468581537689_1418562312020097896_nMelanie Harth, PhD, is a psychologist-trained transformational coach, writer for The Huffington Post, and an active blogger. She’s all about Living From Happiness, and helping others do the same. She works with clients locally, as well as internationally.

Melanie loves talking with thought leaders and community visionaries about the science of happiness, mindfulness, conscious leadership, and how to use neuroscience to change the world.

She’s a long-time meditator, and has studied various traditions for more than 20 years. She’s committed to personal responsibility on behalf of collective healing.

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