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Message from Henry

June 8, 2022

Psychological / Spiritual Healing and Original Love

The analogy with physiological healing is fair enough. The psyche reestablishes balance, homeostasis, centeredness, and is less pulled out of balance by emotional reactivity. Episodes of strong negative emotion start to diminish in frequency, intensity and duration (F.I.D.), the center becomes a more common place to reside in.

But where the analogy breaks down is that psychological healing may not be so much about eradicating wounds as becoming more spaciously open to them. The healed heart is not a closed heart, but an open one. One that can precisely feel its wounds, without either closing off its sensitivity or being overwhelmed.

Rather, it can offer a compassionate spaciousness in which wounds are welcome and no longer threatening. The psyche has moved from a reactive traumatized condition to a warm-hearted, balanced one, wherein it feels compassion toward any suffering.

In this project of growing from fearful reactivity toward tender compassionate awareness, getting a taste of “original love” – a love without limit – is greatly beneficial. Original love can saturate us, and make us feel that every last inch of our vulnerability is fully met, indeed bathed in the very balm it most needs.

My deep hope is that by sharing these practices we cover in the Original Love program, each of us will find a way to break open the bottomless vial that contains this elixir. Each of these practices offers a portal into a broader belovedness and lovingness. And it’s worth pursuing each one with diligence, as it may just hold the magic key that opens up an unseen doorway in the heart, into an inner chamber that is glowing with a soft light – the chamber illuminated by the flame of this secret yet pervasive love.

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