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Message from Henry: Do Look Back

March 2, 2022

The real party, what we really want, is you. You are what you’re looking for – to come home to you.
So all the slings and arrows, all the troubles and struggles of life out there, are put on the shelf, left at the door, and we come home.
It’s not that we want or need to stop our lives. It’s like a great cavern is always right behind, just waiting for you to notice it. Wherever you go, whatever you do, it’s always there. You can’t outrun it. It follows you like your shadow. It’s just waiting for you to turn around and recognize it.
But you don’t because you’re always looking in front, at things, at the world, at people. Your attention sticks like glue to all that’s in front of you. One thing after another – one desire then another, one fear then another. They keep entrancing you, so you just don’t look back.
Do look back! Unlike the movie Don’t look back. Do look back! Once you look back, you see that what has been waiting for you all along, incredibly, is the answer to everything. It’s what you have really been wanting all along. You only chased all the other things and had to keep on chasing, because you sensed there really was something to find. But you kept looking in all the wrong places.
There is only one place to find the thing you really want. It’s so simple. Just stop looking out there. Turn around. Find what you’ve been seeking all along. It’s no other than you.

Message from Henry is from our February 28 2022 Newsletter

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