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Message from Henry: Inside Out

July 8, 2020

Today’s message is an excerpt from Henry’s memoir One Blade of Grass describing as aspect fo his path of training. Read Great Peace (last weeks message) to put this week’s piece in context. 

In those early days, it was like being born again–or not again, but for the first time. Finally I knew what my life was. Not in the metaphysical or ontological sense, but in terms of the old Zen language.

When one monk “awoke” under the promptings of the sixth ancestor, Huineng, after weeping, sweating, trembling in shock, he is said to have declared, “Now I am like a person who knows for themselves when they drink water whether it is warm or cold.”

Another old master said of his awakening, “Now I know: eyes horizontal, nose vertical.”

It doesn’t sound like much. But they aren’t talking about knowledge, but rather about experiencing life for the first time, from the inside out.

Message from Henry is from our July 6, 2020 Newsletter
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