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Message from Henry: Meet Each Moment

October 16, 2018

As one master said: When I sit, I sit; when I walk, I walk.

There is no day that is properly exempt from practice. Practice is not a special segregated activity, but rather a way of meeting each moment more fully, directly and responsively. Therefore it isn’t ever something to postpone. Whatever is arising is asking to be met, to the best of our ability. And the formal practicing we do at designated times in designated places is there only to support and develop our capacity for this kind of meeting all the time.


As one master said: When I sit, I sit; when I walk, I walk.

But that isn’t so easy. Like Odysseus getting home, finally we make it to the Dharma center, to the cushion, we come home to ourselves through the practice. And it turns out there’s a whole lot to sort out before we can begin to occupy this home peacefully.


As the quality of our peaceful, fulfilled, present-moment awareness grows clearer and more consistent, the less the actual content of awareness may matter. The attention itself – immediate, non-judging, kind, accepting – can become the more important thing.

Message from Henry is form our October 15, 2018 Newsletter
Image: Couple by MabelAmber, CC0 Public Domain,
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