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Message from Henry: Momentum

November 9, 2022

Notice the feeling of momentum that pushes and pulls you through your day, your week, your year. You can sense this pull in the body, perhaps in the chest or solar plexus. Can you be aware of that pull and let it be? 

Being aware of this energy from a slightly more spacious place, you can learn to hold it with peripheral vision.  You become more aware of the sounds, scents and sights around you. The feelings in your body become more prominent. Watch the motion of this tug or push of momentum. 

We can also take it even further, by allowing that little tug of momentum to simply be there, we can let it go. For a moment it’s enough to just be.

Do nothing, the momentum just is.  We don’t have to do anything. It feels nice, balanced, relaxed and alive when you allow this little tug to simply be.

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