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Message from Henry: No Preference

January 29, 2019

What if we just don’t have to live up to anything?

Can you feel the gentle tide of well-being, of ease, of contentment, that then starts to flow in, like warm water over dry sand – a force we had forgotten even existed, and here it comes. And all the beached hulls and hulks that had forgotten they were built to float rediscover their long-lost buoyancy….


Fuketsu said: “If you pick up a speck of dust, the house and nation prosper, and all the villagers knit their brows with worry. If you do not pick up a speck of dust, the house and nation perish, and all the people dwell in peace.”

There is the world of form, which is full of suffering, where desires, joys, fulfillments are all temporary and subject to decay. And there is the world of infinite empty oneness, where there is no suffering, and no desire, no craving, no aversion, no loss, no gain, where all is intrinsically self-fulfilled, where each phenomenon is complete and whole and lacking nothing, always.

Fuketsu would like us to experience both. He is not setting up a preference. Can we become so conversant with both that whichever we happen to be seeing we also see the other? Then we would seek neither, and be attached to neither.  In Fuketsu’s world, he is not urging us to favor one over the other. Not at all.


Message from Henry is from our January 28, 2019 Newsletter
Image: Jellyfish by Skeeze,  CC0 Public Domain,


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