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Message from Henry: Overcoming the Unwholesome

December 4, 2018

In our contemporary culture we don’t address evil sufficiently, according to the writer Martin Shaw. That’s why we have so much of it dominating our culture.

Even in the spiritual realm today we may prefer the transcendent, the exalted, the sublime over the recognition and uprooting of the unwholesome. But older cultures, oral cultures, spend a lot more time guarding against evil. Much of their mythic life was to acknowledge and defuse evil (according to Shaw, in The Snowy Tower).

Actually that is pretty much what Buddhist practice is for too. To take the power out of the three fires, the three poisons, by exposing them, and allowing us to see them at work, and to understand them better and be less driven by them — what they are, how they operate, what they feel like, and how to be less ruled by them. It takes time but this can be learned.


Message from Henry is from our December 3, 2018 Newsletter
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