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Message from Henry: A Single Love

May 22, 2018

It is for love that the whole universe sprang into existence and it is for the sake of love that it is kept going.   ~ Meher Baba

Some psychologists say we all have an “unconditioned self,” and it knows: “I am loved.”

We also have a conditioned or learned self which doubts that it is loved. “Am I loved?” it wonders. And further: “Am I loveable?”

It then creates the myth: “If I have enough, know enough, experience enough pleasure, have enough status, then I can be loveable.” So it tries hard to be “good enough” to be loveable. But always it worries: what if I don’t keep trying hard enough, or don’t succeed enough in these endeavors — will I still be loveable?

Alas this learned self is thoroughly transportable from one arena to another. In practice we might fall into: am I good enough at practice? If I practice well enough, then I’ll be good enough, and loveable. Et cetera. Perhaps even the thought may stir: am I enlightened enough? Would enough enlightenment make me good enough?

The good news is that this practice of sitting meditation freely meets us wherever we are. Any mind-state, any emotional barrier, any conditioned state of mind is perfectly admissible, meetable, and loveable, from the point of view of practice. And in the end, if we truly meet things – including mind-states – just as they are, thoroughly become them, then we find the resolution to the whole abject mission of trying to earn love and loveability in the first place. We fall away, into the infinity of prajna, where we meet everything, in a single love that leaves nothing out.


Message from Henry is from our May 21, 2018 Newsletter
Image: Aroni Arsa by Bess-Hamiti,   Public Domain CC0 1.0 from
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