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Message from Henry: Sitting

July 7, 2021

Start with ease – with things being as they are.

Sitting – don’t try too hard.

Don’t sit down and immediately demand that you settle into blissful awareness or deep samadhi. I remember as a trombonist, back in my youth, being told: when you pick up the horn in the morning to warm up, you don’t see if you can still hit that high F you landed last night in the rehearsal. You start with easy warm ups. 

So with sitting. Start with ease – with things being as they are. Take inventory. Check in with yourself:

Body – get balanced and see if you can taste a little relaxing. 

Heart – is it clear, open. Or tight. Congested, contracted. Take it as it is. Tell yourself that it’s OK for it to be as it is. It’s welcome in its current state. 

Mind – is it busy. Give it time and space to show you.

It could be just five seconds on each. Or one minute. Not a big deal. Nothing has to change. We’re just doing a quick check on how things are. A quick read of the meters on the body-heart-mind system.

Photo by Rémi Thorel on Unsplash


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