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Message from Henry: Small Note

January 26, 2022

When we really wake up, we see that the whole project of spirituality was just another painful game of the ego. Awakening, delusion, practice, koans, meditation, teachers, students, et cetera – to wake up is to see through the whole business.

To see through it all, is to see that it never really happened. It only happened in some old strange dream.

Then, now, we are actually alive. We really know this world.

We might think, if we’ve had a glimpse of sunyata (emptiness): yes of course, all training etc must be empty, like everything else, so therefore nothing has happened.

But that’s not exactly what is being pointed to here. It’s more that none of all that was real. All that was still just the dream.

When we wake up, it’s not enough to say: ”it’s all empty.” It’s not wrong – but it’s not yet the whole picture.

All of the “training” was not real. And now we know reality.

And to say: “it’s just nothing, all gone” – doesn’t get it, that’s not yet the Real. The real – unspeakable, unshareable, completely unknowable in the dream, by the dreamer – is something different to that, and infinitely better.

This might be what Unmon was pointing to when he said, “the whole earth is medicine.” Reality is the ultimate medicine, unspeakable, easy, marvelous. We just have to let go of all projects, and it can show itself.

Message from Henry is from our January 24, 2022 Newsletter

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