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Message from Henry: Stop and Be

June 10, 2020

Out of inaction, out of stillness, out of quiet … new and more considered behaviors can emerge

We know we will die. We know that humans will cease to be — either asteroids, or the sun expanding, or our own activities, will make this planet uninhabitable sooner or later. Granted this, why not make the most of existing, while we can. Why not work to make the world beautiful for all beings, the best we can.

Various things get in the way. Difficult feelings, unwholesome belief systems, which lead to unhelpful values, which lead to difficult emotions that we don’t know how to handle, which lead to behaviors and actions that are harmful, which create more negative feelings… and so on.

An insertion point for interrupting the cycle is the thoughts and feelings, the responses and reactions, that we have to events. If we can just interrupt the cycle of reaction leading to unhelpful action, we’re taking a positive step.

That’s why stopping and being still is so important. Out of inaction, out of stillness, out of quiet – and out of quieter calmer nervous systems — new and more considered behaviors can emerge. And through them, a more beautiful world.

Message from Henry is form our June 8 Newsletter
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