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Message from Henry: The Fixer

May 11, 2022

Once again: it’s not that we want to stop our lives. It’s that the search for basic well-being, for a well-being that is less conditional, doesn’t get results out there. It can only get the real result in here. The real point is you.

And the only “problem” is that we’ve got this fixer, this searcher, this hunter, this problem-solver on board, who believes that they are the one to figure out fundamental well-being.  But it’s really not a problem. It’s really just a matter of letting the fixer be, and realizing that there’s a bigger you.

A more spacious you. And it is you, but it doesn’t have the same sense of identity, when you find it.

It’s kind of big and spacious and all-inclusive, like a great space, and kind of empty but very lovely. And you get it — oh, this is what I have always been looking for.

So we thank the searcher, the fixer, because they were indeed trying to find this. They kept us looking. They just didn’t realize that their kind of searching was the wrong kind. All we do really, is unplug from what’s in front, and sink back. Open up to what’s behind.

And needless to say perhaps, the only thing preventing our doing that, was that very searcher, that fixer. So they kindly impel our search – thank you to them! – but they’re also the one thing getting in our way.

Message from Henry is from our May 9, 2022 Newsletter.

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