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Message from Henry: The Training

April 7, 2020

…the training knows better than we do.

Occasionally I experience a little worry about what I as a deluded former poet and writer with a long struggle in his meditation practice could possibly have to offer as a guide in practice. But then I remember there is a kind of answer: the training I have been through. Something that is definitely not personal to me. And the wisdom inherent in that training, which my teachers embodied and lived, and attempted the best they could to pass on to me.

It regards each of us as a kind of limitless treasure, only we don’t happen to recognize it yet. We are too busy with other things that we think we know. But the training knows better than we do. It slowly allows us to relinquish our knowing, and discover much more than we could ever have guessed there was to discover, which opens up a truly boundless peace, ease, joy and love in us.

And in fact they were always here anyway, we just didn’t know how to find them. And they’re independent of conditions. No one is better or worse equipped to experience them. It’s just a matter of letting go of all the habitual ways we have that occlude them.

So actually all is well. Even when conditions seem manifestly to contradict that statement, there is another level of our reality and experience always present, on which that is indeed the case. And it is not something to dwell in or loiter in, because it actually motivates us to be of greater help and service in this world, which so needs us to be doing our best for it.

Message from Henry is from our April 6, 2020 Newsletter
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