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Message from Henry: True Zero

May 15, 2018

Who knows true zero?

English trees in wind: leaves shaking and shimmering. The woods are like tinsel. So many shades of green. So many layers. A beech stirring in the wind, ashes giving a hoarse roar, an end-of-season rosebush waving weakly, a willow with its wands dangling and dawdling, as if trying to point to the east but too weak to do so. Then the wood up on the brow, all the crowns swaying like sponges in a larger, slower ocean swell. And behind them, the clouds in a line like a train, seeming to lean forward as they travel by in a rush, or like commuters exiting a London rail terminus on their way to work.


Here in the wooded German hills, sometimes the clouds rise out of hidden valleys, and appear behind ridges like smoke rising from a fire – but the clouds move slower than smoke, a slow spreading and lifting, an opening as of a hand, but in slow motion.

Other times they pour themselves down into the valleys. They appear from behind a crest and slide over it, down, glacier-like, into the cleft below, tipping in a slow-motion landslide, diving in, in a streaming kind of way, like the body of a diver entering a pool, but slowed right down, silently, so you feel the effortless entry, friction-free.


Who knows true zero?

Message from Henry is from our May 14, 2018 Newsletter
Image:  Light Beam by jplenio,  Public Domain CC0 1.0
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