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Message from Henry: Trust

January 5, 2022

There are many ways practice can be categorized…

Generative versus receptive practice – meaning, practice that creates certain experiences, versus practice that explores things as they are.

Focused attention versus “open presence” (sometimes called “choiceless awareness”). Meaning: focusing in on some object of attention, versus having a wide field of view.

I want to suggest another categorization. Trying, versus trusting.

In other words, when you come to sit on your chair or cushion, rather than trying to do anything, instead of trying to engineer some other kind of experience than you’re already having, trust that just being here is already good. It’s good, and it’s enough, that you’re sitting. That you’re being quiet and still.

Trust is great. Because once we find the taste of trust, we relax. It’s almost automatic. Relaxing, and resting, follow from trusting. 

Let your sitting be a matter of rest. Let all your systems power down. Give yourself a break. Come into ease. Let yourself rest. And just behind both the ease and the rest, there’s trust.

Trust in what? you might ask. Maybe: trusting that you don’t need to answer that question. Could we trust trust itself?

If you’re not into that, then how about: trusting this very moment? Just trust your experience as it is. Take a load off. Take off the burden of you having to be different. What if you don’t have to? What if you’re really OK as you are?  What if you yourself are worthy of trust?

You know when you’re tasting trust because it feels good. It’s almost like leaving one kind of economic system behind, one that is insistently based on transaction and distrust. And turning to another kind of economy, one that’s older and kinder and wiser. That knows us and loves us just as we are. That trusts us. That asks very little of us. That maybe just asks that we be ourselves. So we can trust it.

Happy new year of you trusting you.

Message from Henry is from our January 3, 2022 Newsletter
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