Message from Henry: Vast and Void, Nothing Holy

Blue Cliff Record number one. What is the most sacred or holy reality? Bodhidharma is asked. He says: Vast and void, nothing holy.

Nothing is sacred in Zen. Then it’s actually a very small step to seeing that everything is sacred. And for the very same reason that nothing is. Which Bodhidharma has just given.

But what would sacred mean in Zen? It would mean: of infinite value. Infinitely to be cherished, appreciated and met.

How can any thing be of infinite value? Merely because it’s arising at all – yes maybe. But more, much more: because if we see it, experience it truly, each last little thing is all. It includes everything, even us. Each last thing in an amazing way is showing us who we are.

Photo by Claud Richmond on Unsplash
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