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Message from Henry: Walking Through Grasses

June 23, 2021

Walking slowly through grasses – a bit sick, weak, under-fed, with a sore belly – I saw two little birds, then a third. They were hopping, fluttering among the grass. Stopping to reach up and peck at the seeds that overhung from some of the grass stalks, hanging in downy seed-tassels.

One paused, switched sides around its stalk, let out two high-pitched, sweet-sounding alerts. I guess because I was coming. Then paused again. Another one flew up towards me, and about four feet in front of me in the air, performed a brilliant mid-air pirouette, banking amid a neat flurry of its fine feathers, which I caught in a flash – the precision of it – and was off toward a nearby tree where at once it perched and glanced at me, then away, then at me again.

Another of the birds followed suit, to a different tree, and finally the third one did the same. 

I walked past, through the grasses where they had been. They kept stealing glances at me as I went. Then, after the disturbance of my passing, after letting a few minutes go by, allowing the disturbance to fully disappear from the air, very likely they settled again to their work among the grasses.

Message from Henry from our June 21, 2021 Newsletter
Image by Uta Scholl, Unsplash License
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