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Message from Henry: Wanting Things

September 14, 2022

Let’s say I suddenly remember that I need another cap for my head. I can order it for $12 instantly. It will arrive the next morning. The gap between the recognition of the wanting, and the decision to fulfill it, and the execution to supply it, is minimal.

How great – quick and convenient beyond belief. The next day the package is at my door and the cap is on my head.

Could there be a downside to this spectacular convenience? 

First, what about the old cap, the one I’m replacing? Has it been properly appreciated? Or simply superseded? There was a time when I loved things a lot. Things weren’t just things. Something like a hat that I loved – it was a very special thing. I treasured it. Or a t-shirt or a pair of trousers I had grown used to. They would almost seem to be part of myself. Part of what made up my own special little world and helped me be me.

It may be a special human trait, to be able to love things in this way. I think it’s beautiful that we can form a kind of bond with things. It’s something treasurable about us humans, that we can do that. So even while we may be able to immediately replace old timers that have done long service for us, why not offer them gratitude for the service they’ve done, before reaching for their replacements?

Thank you

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