Message from Henry: Creative Principle

Infinite creative energy has infinite parts at its disposal. It creates things with them, they endure then come apart like sandcastles. An order – a thing – is created, then allowed to disperse again. So marvelous, so free.

We too are among the many things it makes, as are all the trillion parts of us. But we somehow get fixated on one narrow band of “becoming,” of order and existing. And that causes our suffering and our harmfulness. Our fixing impedes the infinite swirl of creativity.

Actually it doesn’t impede it – it just puts us at odds with it, or seemingly so.

The Dharma is a creative principle that breaks into our awareness so to speak from outside of us. We don’t get to it. When it reveals itself it comes to us. That’s how we experience it.


Message from Henry is from our October 8, 2018 Newsletter
Image: Dawn by Pixel2013,  CC0 Public Domain,
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