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Mindful Consuming

December 7, 2019

Mindful, silent meals are a precious experience to be savored.

The holidays for many are a time to celebrate food and family, and a chance to relax with our favorite pastimes. This presents an opportunity to call to mind the profound lessons we learn during our silent retreats, particularly during our silent meals.

On the practical level, retreat participants frequently express gratitude and relief at the unprecedented experience of actually being able to eat slowly with awareness and not have to entertain conversation.  Most frenetic workdays do not allow for such indulgence. Mindful, silent meals are a precious experience to be savored.

On a metaphorical level, the beautiful and healthy vegan food lovingly prepared by our Mountain Cloud cooks represents healthy nourishment. Throughout the day during our sesshins and retreats we are reminded that our body counts. We sit and walk, all the while watching our breath, noticing our physical sensations, and mental thoughts and feelings. We are likewise reminded that the nourishment we provide for our minds also counts.

What we ingest, we become.

Mindful Consuming is adapted from our December1 Newsletter, and was written by Yvonne Sebastian and edited by Johanna Sindelar.  Image: Holiday dinner by skeeze, Pixabay License
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