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Mindful Encouragement

November 23, 2019

…peace comes in the pause, the quiet between breaths…

Sometimes life gets messy. In seeking relief from suffering through the practice of mindfulness we may find ourselves wading through a morass of literature, inspirational websites, commercial enterprises, guided meditations and scholarly articles. It’s not supposed to make things harder. Discernment may seem like our best guide. When that fails us, it is okay to seek guidance from others we trust.

Ultimately, we are assured that peace comes in the pause, the quiet between breaths, the letting go of our clinging to ideas that cause suffering. Awareness. Taking a direct look at our response to life opens the door wide enough for us to recognize our own freedom of choice. It’s not about the hype. Beneath it all is a love of self and others.

Rio Grande Mindfulness Institute (RGMI) is a project of Mountain Cloud Zen Center.
This piece, written by Yvonne Sebastian, was published in our November 18 Newsletter.
Images: Autumn by Mylene2401, from Featured Image by Yvonne Sebaestian
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