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Mindfulness: A Unique Piece of the Puzzle

January 4, 2020

Mindfulness is not meant to make us into unthinking conformists or narcissists concerned only for our own well-being and personal transformation. The point is not be free from fear, doubt, or pain, relieved of having to feel the effects of the suffering around us.

Rather, by observing our fears and doubts we develop the ability to pause long enough to engage our rational minds and not be controlled by them. We reduce our own suffering enough that we overcome our limiting inhibitions and become more confident in our convictions, whatever they may be. We may more freely and joyfully participate in whatever our nature dictates.

By experiencing our oneness with all beings, we naturally recognize a need to act for the greater good. Some of us will be warriors in civic engagement. Some will be servant-leaders. Some will be artists and teachers. The list goes on. We are all an important piece of the big puzzle.

From the RGMI section of our December 22, 2019 Newsletter
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