Mindfulness: You are Not Alone

In a recent article titled You Are Not Alone, Jack Kornfield reminds us that we are intricately connected to all things through the air we breathe, the food we eat and the experiences we share. Many mystics, physicists, philosophers and even mathematicians have reached similar conclusions. We are infinitely more than our mind or our body.

Kornfield says, “And now, as you read these words, feel yourself as part of the stream of humanity walking together, finding ways to carry the lamp of wisdom and courage and compassion through difficult times… For thousands of generations we humans have survived hard times. We know how to do this. And when we sense our connection, we help each other… Nothing is separate…A psychology of interdependence helps to solve this dilemma. Through the loving awareness of mindfulness and meditation we discover that the duality of inner and outer is false. We can hold all the beauty and the pain of life in our heart and breathe together with courage and compassion.” Click here for the full article.

From our February 18, 2020 Newsletter, RGMI Mindfulness section
Image by Aaron Blance Tejedor, Unsplash
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