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New Year’s Message from Henry: Space Out

January 1, 2022

Here is a suggestion for a New Year’s resolution…

Space out. Veg out. 

The stern instruction on this subject is: do space out. Do veg out. At least once every day without fail.

Here’s how to do it. Lie down on your back. A carpeted floor will do. Floorboards are fine, but best to have a cushion or pillow under your head. Bed is fine. So is a couch. Having lain down, don’t do anything. 

This doesn’t mean: do the sophisticated practice called “doing nothing.” It means: really don’t do anything. No breath awareness. No koan. No practice. No study of the heart area and its emotional state. No deliberate dropping of plans and agendas.

Truly space out. Just lie there. Fine if thoughts come. Fine if feelings come. Some might call this the “gate of aimlessness.” Or the “noble gate of effortlessness.” But a more accurate term is vegging out, spacing out.

If you do this every day for ten minutes your life just might change in beautiful ways. Your sense of you may also change in profound ways. But neither of these things can happen unless you really don’t try to do anything at all. Really just space out.

That’s a new year’s message. I hope you try it and enjoy it.

Thank you very much.

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