Nothing to Understand

There’s nothing to understand.
Do you understand a caress or a flower?

I’m just.

If you try to understand your mind as if it was a puzzle to solve,
or try to understand which direction your life is going to be able
to direct it to the best you are wasting energy and breath.

Life happens and you with it.

You will never arrive at the end of psychological dilemmas,
it itself is a dilemma. In leaving it as its importance dissolves,
the scenario expands.

And it happens then  like what background in which everything happens,
including fears and suffering, dilemmas and strategies.
In that nothing is rejected, it is not necessary to transform or process anything.

The problems of the mind are therefore not resolved but dissolved
in this see that it includes everything and does not exclude anything.

It’s love.

~ Shakti Caterina Maggi

Image by Rosa Bellino

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