One Bright Pearl: Conversation on Zen with Henry Shukman and Chris Hebard

In One Bright Pearl, Henry and Chris Hebard take us on an intimate journey about Zen. This wide ranging conversation explores many core questions, including…

What does awakened mean?  What is happiness?  What causes our suffering?

What is Zen?  Is Zen a religion? 

What is practice? and why do we practice? 

How do we meet personal or social crisis from a zen perspective?

What differentiates me from everything else?  

Settle back and enjoy this 77 minute video with Henry and Chris.

One Bright Pearl is a Stillness Speaks production in association with Mountain Cloud Zen Center. It is produced by Chris Hebard and Henry Shukman. Filmographer (including video editing) is Jonathan Mugford (who can be contacted @
Video clip copyright holder is Stillness SpeaksPruett Media, and it is freely made available to Mountain Cloud Zen Center.
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