Original Love Launch Evening, July 19 Video

Watch the Original Love launch evening – guided meditation, talk, and Q&A. Henry introduces the concepts and practices that come together in Original Love.

For me personally, this is quite a big evening… Original Love has been brewing and developing in me for some time, actually. Maybe a year or more… but on the other hand, maybe it’s really more like 40 years. I feel it’s the fruit of a lot of practice, a lot of training, a lot of teaching from my marvelous teachers, guides and mentors.

~ Henry Shukman

We would like to invite you to explore, Original Love, a new training program developed by Mountain Cloud’s guiding teacher, Henry Shukman.

Original Love is a warm-hearted path of meditation that places love at the core of human growth. Inspired by Zen, by the “four foundations of mindfulness,” and by other practices, it is a sensitive approach to four primary areas of meditative mastery and growth, and outlines a healthy, safe path to the extraordinary experience of awakening – discovering the reality of no-self and of boundless unity.

Original Love covers the fundamentals of meditation and offers a secular path to awakening and beyond. It is suitable for anyone interested in the possibilities of mindfulness, regardless of background.

Click here for a detailed course curriculum and to register for the Original Love series and the weekend retreat.


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