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Original Love Weekend: November 27-28

November 5, 2021

Original Love Weekend Retreat
November 27-28
10am – 3pm MT

Online only
Recordings available for people who can’t attend live

This is a thrilling and potentially life changing weekend, where we’ll be immersing ourselves in practices and perspectives designed to help us get tastes of Original Love itself.

We’ll be investigating our deeper nature in four different dimensions – the four different “zones” of the Original Love program:

  • Mindfulness and Self-Love

  • Finding Support

  • Flow States, Meditative Absorption, and Samadhi

  • Awakening

In practice, these four different dimensions all work together, and infuse and intensify one another. All of them are different forms and flavors of profound peace and infinite love – which are two of the great hallmarks of awakening, and of meditation practice in general.

There is nothing quite like the deep immersion of a retreat being shared by a gathering of many other practitioners. If you’ve never experienced this, this weekend will be a well supported and relatively easy way to enter these waters.

If you’ve done many retreats before, this weekend will be a great way to pick up on the Original Love approach, and use it to dive deeper into your practice and healing. This Original Love program seeks to unearth and clarify the blind spots in our practice, as well as to release and heal wounds that have been a source of difficulty in our path, for whatever reasons.

For those who have been doing this Fall’s Original Love 8-week course, this retreat is the capstone of the course, where we bring it all together.

For all participants in the weekend, a key intention for this retreat is to launch us in a much happier and more balanced way into the thrills and spills of the holiday season.

Take a look at the detailed curriculum of the Original Love program (link to Henry will be drawing from these practices and approaches in teaching this weekend, with a focus on how to integrate all four zones into your practice.

If you have any questions about this retreat, don’t hesitate to contact Jeremy.

Click here to register for the Original Love Weekend.

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