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Rich Aimlessness, Dharma Talk by Henry Shukman (Video)

September 20, 2021

Henry continues looking at the famous koan collection, the Gateless Gate. He explores and defines “Gateless” which includes how to be a useful participate in the this troubled world while also living from no-self. Henry then turns to Case 7 and master Joshu who practiced Zen for 100 years.

When we sit, Henry asks us to consider these questions…

Are we trying to get somewhere?
Do we have a destination?
What is it like to let go of any sense of a destination?

I notice that now, this is what fills the spaceless space… all we have to do is release what isn’t this now {planning, remembering, the myriad thoughts}. If we are still and effortless it releases itself. ~ Henry Shukman

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