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Teisho: Case 63, Book of Equanimity: Joshu Asks About Death (Part 2 of 2)

February 15, 2018

“… study our experience and … see how things truly are – this is called kensho …


Description: This talk begins with a discussion of the Three Refuges: buddha, dharma, sangha. It unfolds into further discussion of Case 63 and how Zen practice views awakening, or enlightenment. When we study our experience and suddenly see how things truly are—this is called kensho. In this koan Jôshû refers to this as a person “who has died a great Death.” It is not religious or supernatural. Jôshû’s “person” here has discovered reality, but still has notions about life and death, awakening and delusion. Master Tôsu calls these concepts “night,” and tells Jôshû to get rid of these ideas. This koan also points to the question, “What is the point of Zen training?” Tôsu is pushing Jôshû to remember that it is all about helping, being of service. Finally, this koan is about something that is beyond ordinary understanding—Jôshû and Tôsu are meeting in the dharma. They are one mind, one speech, one voice.

Post & Featured image: Nature by stuxCCO Public Domain.

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