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Dharmatalk: Case 75, Book of Equanimity: Zuigan’s “Everlasting Truth” (Part 1)

December 13, 2018

“… We’re facing, in all its magnitude and wonder, the fact of existing …”  

wonder being existing

Description: To live in accord with the Dharma offers an alternative to the world of knowing-getting-having. In Case 75, Zuigan has asked Master Ganto, “What is the intrinsic, everlasting truth?” Henry recounts the story of Ganto’s training, and clarifies some of the elements in this case, addressing what a koan is and why we study them. The talk also touches on some thoughts about modern meditation technology such as the electronic brain-sensing headband, Muse, which some people find a support in their practice.

Post & Featured image: Universe Man by LeandroDeCarvalho, CCO Public Domain.

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