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Dharmatalk: Case 79 (Preface), Book of Equanimity: Chôsa Takes a Step

March 14, 2019

“Oh no, love, you’re not alone.” ~ David Bowie

love not alone

Description: This is the second teisho of the Summer 2018 sesshin. This talk begins with the story of Master Ganto and his great shout at the end of his life. (Warning: if you are listening with earbuds, keep the volume low—there is a very loud group shout!) This talk focuses on the introduction to Case 79, written by Master Bansho and on the teachings of Master Chôsa, which beautifully express the world Chôsa inhabits, the world he wants to share with us.

Post & Featured image: Hearts byOpenClipArt-VectorsPixabay License.

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