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Dharmatalk: Case 87, Book of Equanimity: Sozan: With or Without

September 5, 2019

“Any phenomenon experienced at any time has the power to awaken us.”

winter sunset phenomenon awakening

Description: In an exploration of Case 87, we are invited to sense how a koan can truly be experienced when we allow it into our hearts. Sozan, who would eventually become a great master and another important figure in the history of Zen, is a young man and an earnest, struggling practitioner at the time of this story. Sozan asks his teacher, Isan, a question and Isan laughs. Sozan is having trouble appreciating what Isan is showing him; he has the courage and determination to ask his question again and everything changes.

Post & Featured image (Edited): Winter Landscape by Alain AudetPixabay License.

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