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Dharmatalk: Case 93, Book of Equanimity: Roso Does Not Understand

December 19, 2019

“… You have to know the jewel to know the treasury …”

chestnut jewel in treasure

Description: This talk begins with a two beautiful poems and unfolds into Case 93, where Roso quotes a line from the Shôdôka to Nansen: “People do not recognize the Mani jewel. I picked it up myself in the Tathagata treasury.” We learn that, most likely, it was not Roso after all, but Shiso, a student of Nansen, who addressed Nansen. What is the treasury? What is the jewel? Referencing the book, Siddhartha’s Brain, some fundamental points about the difference between awakening and well-being are made, while emphasizing that regardless of these differences, every step of practice is always complete.

Post & Featured image: Chestnut by Couleur, pixabay license.

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