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Teisho: Cases 1, 7, & 23 of The Book of Equanimity

October 19, 2017

“… if we can taste the power of the Buddha just sitting …”

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Description: This teisho is the second talk from the Summer 2017 sesshin. The talk begins with an acknowledgment of the difficulties that can arise during sesshin, as expressed in the Buddha’s five hindrances. These are: desire; aversion; restlessness; sloth, torpor, or lethargy; doubt. The discussion moves into Cases 1, 7 and 23 of the Book of Equanimity. In Case 1, we are asked if we can taste the power of the Buddha just sitting at the rostrum. Our own sitting has the same power. In Case 7, Yakusan gives his most powerful teaching by just sitting. In Case 23, Roso turns to face the wall. Can we realize the world that Roso is experiencing? The central theme of this talk can be pointed to in the form of the question, “Who am I?” Who is exhaling Mu? Who is breathing, when you are counting your breaths? Who is feeling hot or cold? In present moment awareness, we identify what arises and can label our sense experiences. Over time, it can become clear that a sense experience is what is, it is what we are, and there isn’t anything else. We must give up trying to understand, because there is no space for understanding in the powerful fact expressed by the Buddha, Yakusan and Roso.

Post & Featured Image (edited): Meditation, CCO Public Domain.

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