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Rohatsu Sesshin Talk 2 of 6: Humility Conquers All

July 20, 2018

buddha in all realms

Description: This teisho is the second talk from the 2017 Rohatsu sesshin. The central topic is humility. Henry begins with the story of Father Foucauld, a French monk living in Algeria in the early 1900s, which calls to mind the latin motto, humilitas vincit omnia, or humility conquers all things. This directly relates to the six paths of suffering discussed in the first talk. Buddha is always present in each realm, representing the way out of any suffering. How is this possible? Henry takes a look at how different states of suffering can arise over the course of a sesshin and examines what to do. A key component is our attitude toward what is. The talk ends with a brief focus on the koan Mu, how it has the power to turn our experience of what is on its head and how this relates to humility.

Post & Featured image: Buddha by kriwmalm70CCO Public Domain.

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