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Dharmatalk: Seeking to Satisfy Dissatisfaction

July 7, 2020

When there really is just this, there is no place for thirst, or craving” 

just this shallow river

Description: Ongoing series on basic Buddhism. We begin to address the Second Noble Truth: that the cause of suffering is craving, or Tanha in Pali, which literally means “thirst.” Seeking to satisfy the everyday pangs of thirst in our lives leads us to an unending cycle of craving for an end to craving. This will never happen. But when we learn to let craving in and welcome it into our practice, we may find that the whole complex of suffering that craving has engendered can cave in on itself, and we are left at last with – just this.

For the introduction to this basic Buddhism series, please visit Venus Twinkling.

Post & Featuredimage: Shallow river in Bakony forest in autumn by oliverleicher, purchased from depositphotos, for use only on our website/social channels (this image is not permitted to be shared separately from this post).

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