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Dharmatalk: The Wisdom before Knowing

December 15, 2020

“… We, our mind, the world we experience with our mind; are all the same …”

we our mind experience all same shukman
Surrealism. Woman’s eye with galaxies in deep space

Description: In this first talk given during the Fall 2019 sesshin, we continue our former discussion about the Heart Sutra by looking at how Prajna Paramita is “neither stained nor pure,” and is “neither born nor dies.” The text is worded as a series of negations because in this teaching we are being called upon to let go of all our notions about things so that we may access a boundless, infinite, transparent realm that is nowhere other than right here now.

Post & Featured Image: Surrealism. Woman’s eye with galaxies in deep space by PantherMediaSeller, purchased from depositphotos, for use only on our website/social channels (this image is not permitted to be shared separately from this post)..

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