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Sitting Still, by Henry Shukman

July 28, 2018

Sit still and present moment awareness sooner or later will switch on.

It’s nice. It wants nothing.

It is fulfilled, at peace.

Nothing needs to be different. A sense of richness of experience, even while doing nothing. And it is even possible for it to accommodate unease. It acknowledges and embraces anything, with grace and patience, and with its own quiet sense of fulfillment, and sees no need that anything be gone, or be different.

By sitting still and quiet, we allow desire and aversion to wither. By being aware of their operation in our daily life – by seeing and feeling them more clearly – we gradually, and sometimes suddenly, diminish their hold over us. We get freer of them. They dwindle. And at the same time our discernment, our sight gets clearer.

It’s nice. It happens naturally.

Which also means that impulses, drives, urges which are either not wholesome or not in line with the purpose of clarifying the Dharma in our lives, will tend to fall away by themselves. That’s nice too.

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