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Spiritual Discourses from the Mountains and Water

September 15, 2015



“Generally speaking, we say that mountains belong to some country or region,

but it is to those who love mountains that they really belong.

Invariably, when a mountain loves its Host,

the lofty virtues of the saintly and wise enter the mountain.

When those who are saintly and wise dwell in the mountains,

the mountains belong to them; as a result,

the trees grow luxuriant and boulders abound,

the birds are wondrous and the animals are surpassing fine.

This is because they are under the influence of the virtues of one who is saintly and wise.

You need to recognize that the truth of the matter is that mountains are fond of
those who are wise, and that they are fond of those who are saintly.”

Dōgen – Sansui Kyō: On the Spiritual Discourses of the Mountains and the Water


Photo and creation by Rosa Bellino

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