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Surpassing the Master: Rupert Spira and Henry Shukman

April 25, 2022

Steve James of the Guru Viking Podcast hosts a dialogue with Rupert and Henry.

Rupert Spira is a teacher of the direct path method of Advaita and an internationally acclaimed ceramic artist. Henry Shukman is a Zen teacher and award winning poet and writer.

Rupert and Henry discuss the path of deep training in both art and spirituality, why traditional forms are repositories of generational understanding, and the meaning of spiritual friendship.

Rupert reflects on how art points to truth, and Henry discusses Koan training as a means to stabilise awakening. 

Rupert and and Henry also reflect on what it takes to create effective art and why it is vital for the apprentice to surpass the master.

Available on Youtube, iTunes, SoundCloud & Spotify – search ‘Guru Viking Podcast’.

Image by yamabon from Pixabay

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