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Teisho: Case 18 Book of Equanimity, Does A Dog Have Buddha Nature? Part 3 of 3

December 3, 2015

Description: “Why should I, being subject to birth and death, seek what is likewise subject to birth and death?” Launching from these words of Shakyamuni Buddha, Henry concludes his series on the koan Mu and his exploration of Buddha nature. He explores the monk’s question to Joshu, “Why would Buddha nature crawl into a dog?” by looking at Tozan’s realization that all animate and inanimate things are preaching the Dharma. Henry reads a poem he wrote about Bodhidharma, Facing the Wall, and looks briefly at the verse that accompanies the koan.  With much caring, Henry encourages us to rest in the universal support that is our reality. Once we truly encounter Mu, we see that everything is a blessing.

P0st Image Credit: zen garden for a moment, by Kai Schreiber, CC BY-SA 2.0.
Featured Image Credit: zen-garden, by Spirit Fire, CC BY 2.0.

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